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Arkar Hein


Graduate Neuroscientist, Architectural Designer & Educator


Arkar Hein is a unique interdisciplinary professional with a passion for bridging the fields of architecture, neuroscience, and education. With a strong academic foundation, Arkar holds a Master of Architecture degree specializing in Healthy Urbanism from NewSchool of Architecture and Design, a Bachelor of Architecture, and a Master's degree in Neuroscience and Education from Teachers College of Columbia University.

As a project manager at a leading San Diego design firm and a dedicated researcher at Biobehavioral Sciences Department at Columbia University, Arkar's work is grounded in humanitarian concerns and informed by the latest advances in neuroscience and behavioral sciences. His research interests include depression, learning and memory, dyslexia, and the impact of trauma-informed architectural design on students with war-related PTSD. Arkar has been involved in leading projects investigating the potential of virtual reality environments and innovative neuroscientific methods, such as Event-Related Potentials and Electroencephalograms, to improve learning and attention.

Arkar's commitment to understanding Alzheimer's disease has led him to explore sensory perception and the role of touch in place cells and grid cells activation. His work aims to deepen our knowledge of Alzheimer's pathology, cognitive map formation, and spatial memory in affected patients, ultimately aiming to contribute to developing innovative architectural designs and interventions for better patient care.

In response to political unrest and educational suppression in Myanmar, Arkar co-founded the Virtual School of Architecture Myanmar, a groundbreaking initiative that provides an accessible education to aspiring architects. As the head of the academic board and a lecturer, he collaborates with architects and educators globally to nurture the next generation of architects. He has also participated in international conferences, sharing his insights and expertise in the interdisciplinary domain.
Arkar's linguistic proficiency in Burmese and English and knowledge of Hindi and Arabic demonstrate his diverse skill set and global perspective, enabling him to connect with professionals and communities worldwide.

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