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Course Materials

What is Course Materials?

Our goal is to facilitate global educational initiatives at the interface of human sciences and architecture, shared expertise between the affiliated disciplines, provide outreach to schools of design on behalf of ANFA, and develop and curate resources for educators and students. For the potential participants and interested persons in general, we provide a list of documents to read. 

Below you can find a small selection of articles, research papers, excerpts from books, and lecture videos. Enjoy these selected resources by our faculty.

 Lectures by the Speakers and ANFA Conference Videos
Prof Kate Jeffery | Behaviour and Architecture | Conscious Cities Festival 2018

Prof Kate Jeffery | Behaviour and Architecture | Conscious Cities Festival 2018

Prof Kate Jeffery is a neuroscientist researching how the brain makes an internal representation of space. Kate founded the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience at UCL, a laboratory comprising several researchers who use physiological methods to study cognition. She studies how spatially sensitive neurons encode complex spaces, with a particular focus on two main issues: three dimensional space, and the internal “sense of direction”. --- Event: Sensing Space - Behavioural Science for The Built Environment Alongside visual tools, architects use intuition and a well-developed sense of empathy to imagine the experience of another within the environment being created. However, not only are these understandings limited by our subjective disposition, they are also difficult to express to others effectively. Increasingly so, science is creating insights that can augment the architect’s ability to curate an experience. The adoption of new tools from psychology and neuroscience into the architect’s creative process is now a viable and promising opportunity. Conscious Cities, The Bartlett School of Architecture, and the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience host a series of short talks and a panel debate with researchers at the forefront of creating behavioural insights. --- Conscious Cities Festival 2018 The Conscious Cities Festival gathers those interested in the creation of human-centred environments. Research and practice using the conscious cities approach explores how architecture and urban design can better consider and respond to human needs through science informed design, data analysis and new technology. Website: Twitter: @ConsciousCities Video:
 NfA Theme Podcasts
 NfA Theme Podcasts
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Moving Boundaries Recommended Reading List

Recommended reading lists from ANFA and Moving Boundaries

Reader from NewSchool of Architecture & Design, NfA Summer 2018 Intersession

Moving Boundaries Selected Publications - Online Library
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