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Karina Lozano


Architect - Consultant​


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Karina Lozano is an architect and consultant interested in the intersection of design, well-being, and the environment. Graduated architect from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Monterrey Mexico, Certified in Neuroscience, Architecture, and Urbanism at Newschool, USA. Certified on Biomagnetic Guidelines for Health from Goiz Institute, by the Ministry of Labour, Mexico.

Karina spent some years in her 20s in Asian countries and this shaped tremendously the way she sees the project and the respectful approach to the human being and the environment in a systemic way. As the Monterrey Fellow for the Center of Conscious Design, she hosted a live webinar on 2020, with the participation of decision and policymakers as the city mayor, the state senator in urban matters, and the national senator in housing, discussing openly the overall impact of public and private spaces in
the citizen’s wellbeing and development.





Karina has been invited to give conferences in national universities and abroad, like Tecnologico de Monterrey School of Architecture and at the event Digital Futures World organized by Tianjin University, Shanghai. She presented at the conference “The Power of Place” in Sao Paulo in 2020, where she spoke about the environmental psychology of natural and built environments, including biomagnetic guidelines and considering the building and the human as a system of life.

In 2020 she wrote the ebook Ama Tu Casa as a free resource for general audiences to create better spaces at home during the pandemic lockdowns, in a DIY, low investment manner. Karina is a regular contributor in the real estate section of the national newspaper Reforma since 2002, the highest in circulation in the country. With this, she aims to translate these design concepts both to designers and  general audiences.

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