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What is included:

  • Attendance to 3 or 6 Half-Day Sessions. You may select the dates which interest you most. Sessions include Lectures, Panel Discussions and Question & Answer Sessions. Sessions do not include hands-on Workshops. 

  • Free access to course recordings for 3 months.

  • With the 6 Half-Day package you also receive a Certificate of Completion, hand-signed by MB Director and both Co-Chairs of the Course. Free access to course recordings for 3 months.

  • With the 6 Half-Day X package with extra materials, you also receive a Course Reader and Reading Lists, in addition to your Certificate of Completion, hand-signed by MB Director and both Co-Chairs of the Course. Display on your CV, website, or social media. Free access to course recordings for 3 months.

Please select links above to view the Program for the summer course and to purchase your virtual tickets. Early Bird prices are available until April 30. You may purchase tickets for live-streamed events in packages of 3 half-day sessions. You may also purchase 6  half-day sessions. Read the MB Nordic Program on this site to select the days for which you would like to get virtual tickets. 

There are 2 Steps:

Step 1. Click on the second red link above to "PURCHASE Virtual Tickets". Then select your virtual tickets package and proceed to payment. We suggest that you get your Early Bird tickets soon, since after April 30 they will cost  $30-60 more.

Step 2. You will receive a message confirming your payment. One month before the MB Nordic X Course begins, we will send you links and instructions for the live-stream, for all 3 or 6 half-days which you purchased. 


  • Early Bird Price for 3 Half-Days:  $250  (Select August 12, 13, 14  OR  August 21, 22,23)

  • Early Bird Price for 6 Half-Days:  $480  (August 12,13,14, 21,22, 23) 

  • Early Bird Price for 6 Half-Days X with Extras: Course Reader, Certificate of Completion Hand-Signed by 3 Professors, Reading Lists:  $540  (August 12,13,14, 21,22, 23 + extra course materials included) 

  • (After April 30)  Regular Price for 3 Half-Days: $280

  • (After April 30)  Regular Price for 6 Half-Days: $540

  • (After April 30)  Early Bird Price for 6 Half-Days X with Extras: Course Reader, Certificate of Completion Hand-Signed by 3 Professors, Reading Lists:  $600  (August 12,13,14, 21,22, 23 + extra course materials included) 

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New: Virtual Tickets  Moving Boundaries Nordic X

MB Nordic X | August 12-24, 2024 

You may now purchase
VIRTUAL TICKETS on this website.

4th Edition of Moving Boundaries: Course and Conference in Stockholm, Sweden and
, Finland

Expresson of Insterest




4th Edition of the MB Course and Conference in Neuroscience, Environmental Psychology and Architecture features lectures, masterclasses, design workshops and tours. 


Stockholm, Sweden: August 12-20 and Helsinki, Finland: August 21-24 (Program ends late eve of Aug.23)


Course Topics include: Multisensory perception in architecture and design; dynamic experience; architectural atmospheres and mood; daylight; emotional, material and haptic qualities of light and color; circadian rhythms; ecology and restorative environments. Lectures are presented in a dialogical format by architects, scientists and biologists.

In the Nordic world of long summer days and equally long winter nights, place shapes space for its greatest architecture.  Here, the work of Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz in Sweden and Alvar Aalto in Finland, along with that of contemporary masters, as Juhani Pallasmaa, Juha Leiviska and others, defines a special, humanistic form of Modernism recognized early in the 20th century as a distinct counterpoint to the universality of the International Style.  It is an architecture rooted in Nordic traditions and local materials, responsive in a most compelling manner to the unique conditions of daylight near the Arctic Circle and the impacts of seasonal extremes.  It is one of carefully modulated light and of hapticity—truly an architecture of atmosphere, lending itself to investigations psychological, physiological, neural, and biological as well as architectural.  This 2024 edition of Moving Boundaries will explore the phenomenon of Nordic Architecture to uncover its paragons, lessons, and inspirations towards a more meaningful—that is to say, humane—architecture and design for the twenty-first century and beyond. 

MB Nordic X is organized around two major themes, Ecologies of Light in Space and Interweaving the Senses, each of which explores one particular aspect every day.  The program begins Monday, August 12th in Stockholm, the cosmopolitan capital of Sweden, with its rich history of outstanding Modern architecture, urbanism, and design.  Light is the topic and following the first day’s Introduction to Light and Human Biology, the activities of this first week examine distinctive aspects of light in space:  perception, psychologies, and science.  Lectures by a distinguished roster of architects, designers, lighting experts, scientists and health professionals are augmented with workshops and afternoon tours to Gunnar Asplund’s influential Stockholm Public Library, the beautiful Woodland Cemetery of Asplund and Lewerentz, and other sights.  Ecologies of Light and Space concludes with a full-day field trip in the Stockholm Archipelago.

The second theme, Interweaving the Senses, initiates the events beginning Sunday, August 18th as the program nears the end of its Stockholm residency.  Sensing Light and Color in Architecture, followed by Atmosphere and Experience, are the first topics, explored in lectures and workshops.  On August 20 Moving Boundaries sails—literally, on the night ferry—out of Stockholm Harbor for Finland’s capital and largest city, Helsinki.  Over the next three days emotional, material, and haptic qualities of light and color are considered in talks by globally-recognized speakers and in workshops and tours.  Helsinki provides a rich source of Alvar Aalto’s work, from his house and studio to major commercial and civic designs, where his mastery of what has come to be called “multisensory design” is on full, magnificent display. In addition to Aalto, we experience influential work by Juhani Pallasmaa and Juha Leiviska. Moving Boundaries Nordic X ends on Friday, August 23rd by summarizing and interweaving themes, in panel discussions and interactive sessions with participants. 

Participants will come away from this engaging and inspiring two weeks with a new appreciation for the very fundamentals of healthy, humane design:  light and daylight, time, color, materiality, and atmosphere.

FACULTY (roster is subject to change): Juhani Pallasmaa, Sarah Robinson, Alberto Perez-Gomez, Galen Cranz, Kurt Hunker, Tim Ingold (remote), Andrea Chiba, Mark Hewitt, Tonino Griffero, Sarah Williams Goldhagen (remote), Satchin Panda (remote), Kate Jeffery, Jennifer Roe, Tatiana Berger, Ute Besenecker, Johanna Enger, Eve Edelstein, Anya Hurlbert, Arne Lowden,  Jenni Reuter, Katharina Wulff, David Dorenbaum, Johan Orn, Jonas Kjellander, Rodrigo Muro and others. 

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