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Julia del Rio


MSc in Architecture and Design​

Julia del Rio is an Architecture Instructor at the Visual College of Art and Design in Calgary, Canada where she also works as a design consultant applying the concepts of “Neuroscience for Architecture” and “Healthy Urbanism" in order to create spaces that enhance users’ physical and mental well-being by the study of how enriched environments affect brain’s neuroplasticity and human behavior.

Originally from Spain, she obtained the degree of Bachelor in Architecture at the
Universidad Europea in Madrid. She earned the degree of Master in Architectural Studies with a concentration in “Neuroscience for Architecture” from the NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego. She also worked as a Teaching Assistant in an Architecture Theory class at the same institution. Julia became a member of ACE (ANFA Center for Education) in September 2020. 

She has presented her research work “Measuring the Influence of Daylight in Human Emotions” at different platforms including HAVA Institute, “Congreso Latinoamericano de Neuroarquitectura” and “Bioconstrucción Futura”. Passionate about education, and deeply interested in empathy, embodiment, memory and emotion, she studies how these factors affect human perception of the built environment.

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