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Ludovica Gregori


Architect, Ph.D Student


Originally from Central Italy, she wins a scholarship of 10 months study for U.S.A in 2010. She attends the Faculty of Architecture of Florence obtaining the master’s degree at the International Course on Architectural Design with dignity publication for research on the post-earthquake dwelling. She experienced participatory processes and social planning in the United Kingdom (2018-20). Since 2021, she is PhD candidate student in ‘Sustainability and Innovation for the Project of the Built Environment and Product System’ at the Department of Architecture of Florence (Italy). Since 2021 she is also teaching assistant in Environmental Design and a qualified Architect in Florence. Her research areas include post-emergency living according to resilient design methods and sustainable living through the development of approaches to the reuse of the built environment.

Research interests: 

Public space, trauma, cure, identity, best practices, sociology

Local coordination

Social media / Marketing

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