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Maria Laura Vallejos


M.Arch in Architecture


Maria is an architectural designer and educator based in Asunción, Paraguay. She recently graduated from Kansas State University with a Master of Architecture.  Some highlights in her architectural training include studying abroad in Italy, working at Studio Sergio Ruggeri and Associates in Paraguay, creating an art installation to raise awareness of the water crisis in Asunción, Paraguay, and completing her thesis on “An Architectural Strategy for Virtual Reality Art Museums” under the guidance of Professor Robert Condia. During her thesis work, Maria explored the link between architecture and neuroscience while studying the simultaneous body experience of physical space and virtual reality.  

Upon graduation, Maria went back to Studio Sergio Ruggeri and Associates to apply this knowledge in residential, healthcare, and educational buildings. At the same time, her passion to stay connected with the academic environment led her to join Architects Nicolas Berger and Sergio Ruggeri as teaching assistant in the courses Urbanism and Architectural studio at the Catholic University of Asunción.


Eager to continue developing knowledge of architecture and neuroscience, she attended the Moving Boundaries course in Spain and Portugal. Maria recently joined AIME, an interior architecture studio, in Asuncion where she is working on integrating this multidisciplinary approach to interior architecture. Maria is a long-distance and trail runner. Maria strongly believes that architecture and neuroscience can serve as a bridge to bring us closer to the communities we serve and significantly improve their relationship with the built environment.

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