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Sofia Boarino


Architect, Researcher, Sound Artist

Sofia Boarino is an architect, researcher and sound artist who explores the relationship between sound, space and perception. She obtained her Master's degree in Architecture at the AAM - USI Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio in 2020 with the project "Hit the Beat", which experimented the relationship between architecture and music. Her work won the Swiss Engineering Ticino Prize in 2021 and was exhibited at the Chiasso’s Cultural Center in the same year. During her studies, she also attended the PUCP University in Lima as an exchange student and specialised in acoustics. During and after university, she gained experience through multiple collaborations in France, Italy, Switzerland and America, where she worked as an architect in several architecture and art studios.


Since 2017 she has been conducting interdisciplinary research that situates in-between art and science, exploring the themes of mechanical, biological and acoustic resonance in correlation with spaces, landscapes and cities, culminating in an in-depth investigation on sound architecture and neuroarchitecture. In 2018 she patented her first architectural project “Sounds of Etna”, and in 2019 she became a fellow of the American foundation Madworkshop (L.A.), with which she realised the project “Témenos”. In 2021 an essay on her project “Sound Greenfall - A musical courtship between plants and humans” was published in the 15th edition of the journal Horizonte Weimar, and in 2022 she lectured at the Acoustic Niche Workshop held by the Christophe Girot Chair at ETH Zurich. In the same year she worked as a sound performer at the Metareale exhibition for Fuorisalone Design Week in Milano and at Raw Senses exhibition for Zurich Design Weeks.

She currently lives and works in Zurich as an architect and sound performer and she recently became a member of X=(T=E=N) Studio. Multidisciplinary research and interdisciplinary collaborations generate her artistic work, which translates into a collection of writings, performances, musical compositions, sound sculptures, spatial immersive installations and architectures that broaden the horizons of sensory perception.

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