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Valentina Rizzi


Ph.D Candidate in Visual Arts


Valentina Rizzi is a Ph.D. Candidate in Visual Arts at Iuav University of Venice. Her research focuses on the intersections between visual arts and dwelling from a transformative and neurophenomenological perspective, working on the integration of performative profiles as a generative strategy for the deinstitutionalization of domestic spaces.

Originally from Milan, she is based in Venice. She earned a BA in Modern Languages and Literature from UCSC, Milan, and a MA in Visual Arts from Iuav, Venice. She has curated exhibitions and workshops centered around the themes of corporeality and space. She is a member of OCIO, the Independent Civic Observatory on Housing and Residency – Venice. Along with Naomi Pedri Stocco Ph.D.(c), she co-founded the project "9mq | Perimetri dell’abitare (9sqm | Perimeters of Living)" focusing on the housing conditions of the Venetian university population.

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